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Welcome to the Mona Shores Bands Website!

The home for everything about the band program at Mona Shores Public Schools.


On this website, you'll find information about all of the bands at the middle school and high school, including marching band, concert bands (symphonic band and wind ensemble), jazz band, steel drum ensemble, and more.

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Current Events

Week of 5/20

  • **5/20, 5/21- Seniors report to their normal band class regardless of exam exemption. **

  • 5/21- American Salute Rehearsal 3-4:30pm MSHS Band Area, required for Seniors

  • 5/22- Commencement Band 4th hour no seniors (Symphony Band members will be excused from their normal class)

  • 5/23- American Salute Rehearsal 5th hour.  Full Band and all seniors. (Wind Ensemble Underclassmen will be excused from their normal class)

Friday Afternoon 24 May

  • All folders will be collected by your band directors.  

  • Seniors, make sure you stage your equipment to be loaded.  American Salute folders will be collected on Thursday.  You need to be responsible for your Commencement folder.

  • All large equipment will be loaded on the truck.

    • Marching Percussion for Parade

    • Sousas

    • Bari Saxes

    • Tubas

    • Banner

  • Make sure you have marching shoes, gloves and black socks.

  • Concert Percussion for Salute will be staged in the barn.


  • We will transport tubas, sousas and concert/marching percussion.  It is your responsibility to stage the equipment to be loaded when instructed on Thursday.

  • All other instruments must be transported and staged by you.

  • Make sure you have your folder for Commencement.


Monday Morning 27 May

8:00 Students meet at parking lot near Social Security Building

(located at the corner of Morris and 2nd Ave. in downtown Muskegon)



We will put on uniforms at this location (changing rooms not available)


  • Black Socks

  • Drillmasters

  • Gloves

Students playing a different instrument in the American Salute than you play in the Memorial Day Parade, drop off your American Salute instrument to the back alley of the Frauenthal and then make your way to the parade gathering location.

9:00 Parade Begins

9:30ish Students will move from the end of the parade route to the Frauenthal

Water will be provided upon arrival

Students must quickly transition into concert setup

10:00ish American Salute Begins

Parents--please feel free to watch the rest of the parade

Salute will begin after parade goers arrive at Frauenthal

11:00ish Salute Concludes- walk to LST

11:15 Perform at LST and pictures

11:45 Load truck

CHANGE OUT OF UNIFORMS and turn them in to the truck at the LST.

Tuesday 28 May (Commencement Band):

**Please know this only applies to Commencement Band members (Wind Ensemble, promoted Symphony Band members and seniors)

9:42am After WIN, report to band room (this does not apply to seniors)

9:50am Depart for Trinity Health Arena (transportation provided)

10:00am Arrive to Arena drop off equipment. Lunch. 

11:00 Head back to Arena, warm up and rehearse

11:45 SENIORS join us with instruments for rehearsal (Seniors you may store your instruments at the Arena for the rest of the day)

12:45 Rehearsal with all senior class

2:00 Depart for MSHS, stick around until end of day

6:00pm All non-seniors must be at the Trinity LC Walker Arena (warm up)



SENIORS: Make sure you that you put your instrument and music in the commencement setup

7:00 Commencement Begins

8:30 Commencement Ends

Seniors, please bring school instruments to truck

Monday 3 June

6-7pm 2023 Sailor Marching Band Rehearsal

6-7pmSpring Parent Meeting: Parents are encouraged to attend (Choir Room)

Supply Ordering

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