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The home for everything about the band program at Mona Shores Public Schools.


On this website, you'll find information about all of the bands at the middle school and high school, including marching band, concert bands (symphonic band and wind ensemble), jazz band, steel drum ensemble, and more.

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Current Events

6 November 2023

Marching Band Announcements (and Concert and Jazz Band Announcements!!)

Congratulations on an AMAZING 2023 Marching Season!!  Your show at Hackley Stadium had so much power and energy--I couldn't have hoped for a better "final run".  I am so proud of all of you, and I can't thank you enough for the energy and emotion you have poured into this show.  The Chase Show will go down as a serious contender for favorite show I have programmed, and that has everything to do with the incredible talent and enthusiasm that you all brought to it.


Now that marching season has drawn to a close, please do not expect weekly announcements.  The band staff will send out announcements as needed to the students that are part of the ensembles that need information.  Please make sure to put our calendar on your personal calendar--our events are more spread out now.  Expect fewer program-wide communications, but more direct communications to students participating in our various activities, i.e. Jazz Bands, Sailor Brass, Solo and Ensemble, Drumline, etc.


  • Pictures will take place during 5th period on Monday 6 Nov.  Envelopes were handed out last Monday.  You can also pre-order photos at Radium Photos.  Please make sure that if you want individual photos, your child knows to get in line to shoot one!!

  • Jazz 2 will rehearse Tuesday 7 Nov 3-3:45pm and Thursday during WIN time.  

  • Sailor Brass (a volunteer student group that required an application) will have its first rehearsal on Wednesday 8 November.

  • Auditions for concert season are due Friday 10 November at 5:00pm.  Video submission of this audition through Google classroom constitutes the students' final exam grade for the first Trimester.  Color Guard members not continuing in concert season, your exams were completed in October with the Guard staff.  

  • Ongoing planning is occurring for some replacement experience for the Fall Band Spectacular.  Please know this will not be outside of school hours, so no family schedules will be affected.  More details to come.  

  • Students, please join me in thanking your families for all of their support throughout this year so far!!  From rides to and from school, to money for meals, to propping us up when we needed a kind word, we thank all of the Sailor band families for the support of our amazing students.


One final note--the band staff would like to acknowledge and thank SO MANY of you who helped volunteer this season to support our band and keep them fed, safe, clothed and happy.  Many other parents volunteered in the concession stand, at Marchathon, in SCRIP, in board positions and other fundraisers to support our mission.  Our band staff is so GRATEFUL to all of you.  The Mona Shores Band Parents is an organization second to none in its commitment to providing experiences that bring joy to our community and serve as a positive emotional outlet for our incredible young people.  Mr. Thompson and your amazing team of band parents, thank you so much for the thousand little details that go into having a smooth marching season, allowing our students to focus on being at their best.

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