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Current Events

Sailor Band Families:


After weeks of very productive summer rehearsals, our staff is eagerly anticipating the first day of pre-camp rehearsal for the 2022 Sailor Marching Band on Monday 8 August from 12-5pm!  These are full ensemble rehearsals, including all woodwind, brass, percussion (battery and front ensemble) and guard students!  Rehearsals run M-W (8/8-8/10)--please refer to your calendar for the full schedule or check Mona Shores Bands Website for more information.  Remember that these rehearsals are required, and we are out of the window to request an excused absence.


Students should report to school by 11:45am to make sure they have everything they need for rehearsal. Please make sure that all students have the following items (for all marching band rehearsals):

  • Comfortable athletic outdoor clothing

  • Athletic shoes (no sandals or flip-flops)--please make sure these are broken in

  • Instrument/Flag (please bring case to rehearsal in case of rain)

  • Music in a binder with sheet protectors (binder and sheet protectors not provided--if you haven't gotten music yet, we will provide it for you)

  • Sunscreen

  • A large refillable jug of cold water

  • A hat if preferred

  • A substantial, healthy snack or lunch--we break each day for around a half hour starting @2:45pm.  


Check in Thursday, 4-6pm: Students must arrive with a parent/guardian at any time between 4:00pm and 6:00pm to get in line for the check-in process.  The line will form going into the orchestra room exterior door (the door adjacent to DOOR 3 located just north of the band room).  Students should bring their luggage and medications with them in line.  The line includes stops at:

  • A payment table to make sure that band camp is paid.  

  • A luggage inspection.  Luggage will then be loaded on the equipment truck and will be locked up until Saturday afternoon at camp.

  • A cell phone registration table where students will log their model of phone and mobile number.

  • A medical check.  All students will have a short meeting with our nursing staff to go over medication and any health concerns.  


Can't wait to continue progress on putting our fall performance season together!  See you Monday, and watch your email for updates on can drive progress, medical form information, and the band camp registration process on August 11.  




Mr. Boyden