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Student Accounts

Your student account balance statement will be emailed to you monthly. If you would like to know your students account balance, please email your request to

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Mona Shores Band Parents' Association

Student Account, General Fund and Budget Policy


The MSBPA maintains student accounts for the sole purpose of raising money for the Mona Shores Bands.  These funds are also able to be used for families to raise money to support students' participation in Mona Shores Public Schools.  The funds raised are the sole property of the MSBPA, a 501I(c)5 organization.  


Disbursement requests must be submitted in the manner described below:


  1. Definition: A "Student Account" is an account created for a student/family where funds are collected and allocated for use in Mona Shores associated activities. Funds come from various fundraising sources provided by the Mona Shores Band Parents such as the RaiseRight (Scrip) Program, March-A-Thon and various other fundraisers put on throughout the year.

  2. Each student/family participating in either the MSBP scrip program or the band program will have a "student account" created for them.

  3. All funds earmarked for "student accounts" that are raised by individuals will be allocated in a family account for the purpose of supplementing their funding to participate in activities associated with Mona Shores Public Schools.

  4. The allocation of funding falls under the discretion of the Mona Shores Band Parents' Association:

    • Funds may be requested (click link) for expenses associated with Mona Shores Public Schools..  Examples include Jostens, trip payments for Mona Shores associated trips, Yearbooks, AP Tests, Homecoming/Prom tickets, etc.  Transfers to other fundraising programs will not be approved.

    • Funds requested for payments outside of Mona Shores Public Schools shall be approved at the discretion of the MSBPA Board or Directors.  Please allow 30 days for processing requests.

    • Reimbursement checks for expenses to families will only be granted with prior approval by both the Student Accounts chair and a band director.

      • Appeals may be directed to the full MSBPA board.  Please allow 30 days to process.

      • Reimbursement checks for graduation parties and other non-sanctioned school-related activities will not be considered.


The management of student accounts will be handled according to the following guidelines:


  1. All funds are the property of the Mona Shores Band Parents' Association.  The MSBPA has exclusive rights to manage the distribution of assets in its accounts.

  2. Funds requested are available on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to the liquidity of the cash accounts.

  3. Funds can be transferred to a younger sibling within the immediate family upon written request of a parent/guardian within 30 days of a student's graduation or departure from the school district.

  4. Any active student within the band program will have any band expenses automatically deducted from their account.   Please contact a band director or the student accounts manager if you would like an exception to this (i.e. families with a custody settlement, wanting to save funds for later, etc.).

  5. Student accounts with a negative balance will be transferred to fees and fines for Mona Shores High School and students may be blocked from fine-related events including dances and commencement as a result.  Fines transferred to MSHS should be paid directly to the MSHS bookkeeper to ensure their participation in school events.

  6. Accounts are required to have at least one credit per calendar year to remain open (participation in Scrip or fundraisers).  Accounts with no positive credits during a calendar year will be reverted to the general fund.  Requests to keep dormant accounts open may be made to the MSBPA, and will be considered by the MSBPA board.


General Fund Budgeting, Standards and Reporting Shall be handled in the following manner:


  1. In July, band directors will present a budget for the upcoming year.  This will include instruction fees, services (such as drill or maintenance), and materials needed.  This will be presented to and approved by the MSBPA.

    1. Examples of items not included in the budget would be hotel, transport, food for students, entry fees--things that could be included in hospitality/travel fees issued to students.

  2. Budget revisions may be proposed and approved at any subsequent meeting.  Understanding that the year is fluid and that unanticipated expenses may occur, band directors will work with the MSBPA to find solutions.

  3. The MSBPA (or a designee of, such as an accountant) will issue a 1099 to any staff member making $600 or more during that calendar year and will file the appropriate state and federal tax documents for our organization to remain tax exempt.  January is the window for 1099s and October is the window for federal and state tax-exempt organization reporting.

  4. Audits will occur in even numbered years (per By-Laws).  External audits--no mention of this in bylaws?

  5. Tenured band directors will be authorized to pay staff included in the approved budgeting.  They will also be allowed to issue checks for drill or other services covered within the budget when needed. Notification will be sent to the treasurer when any check is written by a band director.

  6. Online access to all bank accounts shall be available to all tenured band directors and the following executive board members: Past-President, President, Vice-President, Treasurer.

  7. General Fund monthly reporting will include the following:

    1. A profit/loss statement

    2. A copy of the bank statement with all transactions

    3. A budget summary (amount spent/to be spent per category)

  8. Student Accounts monthly reporting will include the following:

    1. A total amount owed to student accounts (encumbrance)

    2. A total amount that students owe to their accounts

    3. A reconciliation of those numbers offset by the Scrip bank account and inventory

  9. Scrip Account monthly reporting will include the following:

    1. Gross amount paid into the scrip program for the month

    2. Amount of money raised for family accounts (in excess of the 2% to General fund)

    3. Amount of money raised for general fund (2%)


Revised and Adopted: 8 January 2024

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