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SCRIP Program Information

Your Band Scrip program is one of the most exciting opportunities available to any Mona Shores Student Parent/Relative/Guardian. Essentially, it’s FREE MONEY available to you! That’s correct local & national companies will pay you money to buy their products/services. Use a portion of this money to pay for any school related expenses. Sounds too good to be true?

  • Your student does not have to be in band to participate in the SCRIP program.  Families are encouraged to start early and build up your account!

  • Anyone can purchase SCRIP to benefit your child!  Friends, family, etc can enroll in SCRIP and use their regular purchases to help your child. 

  • You can use the money for any Mona Shores school-related expense (checks to MSPS, Jostens, companies that are leading sanctioned Mona Shores trips, etc).  This includes things like 5th grade camp, 6th grade science camp, the Washington DC trip in 8th grade, even school lunches!  (Please note that checks may not be cut to retail stores for school related supplies, and can't be cut to individuals without prior written confirmation by the band parent association or Mr. Boyden, i.e. reimbursements.)

  • More information can be sent if you email

Request a Check From Your Student Account

How Can I Buy SCRIP?

SCRIP purchases can be made 3 ways currently.

  • ONLINE METHOD (best method – more stores and 24-hour access)

  • ​In person Method

    • Every Wednesday between 5 – 6pm in the front Lobby of Mona Shores High School.
    • 2 available order forms – listed below
  • ​BLACK BOX METHOD (Band Black Box)

    • Fill out form and delivery waiver form (must be completed. only one needed on file)

      • On the form, you can indicate how you would like your ordered delivered. Choices include:

        • Pickup at the MS Band Room

        • Sent home with your MS band student

      • 2 available order forms – listed below

    • Enclose check, order form and waiver in envelop

    • Drop in black box outside of Mr. Boyden’s office


Order forms are available at SCRIP on Wednesdays, on the SCRIP Facebook, the Mona Shores Band, website and in the band room.


Orders & Earnings 

Your Student Account will accrue from 1% to 18+% for these purchases. A flat 2% is used to support the Mona Shores Band Parents Association, which in turn is used to benefit the band program.



Scrip Example.png

Order Example: 


These numbers may not seem impressive, but you may be surprised how quickly they add-up. Over the course of a year you would earn $297 (the cost of Band Camp)…simply by purchasing a gift card to use on the same purchases your are already making.


Family members and friends can also purchase Scrip Cards that can be credited towards your student’s account. Imagine how much you can earn!

“The more you scrip…the more you save!”

SCRIP Order Forms:


Click Here for Weekly In-Stock Form

Click Here for Special Order Form 

(Please allow one week process time for special orders or LARGE purchases.)

SCRIP Online

1. Go to:

2. Click "Sign Up," button then "Join an existing Program."

3. Enter Enrollment Code: Contact Coordinator for code: 

4. Register your information (include student's name for proper credit).

5. Go to Dashboard. Click "Presto Pay" and enter required information.

6. Two small amounts will be deposited to your account (may take up to two days). Log back in and enter those amounts to confirm your Presto Pay.

7. An approval code will be given. Email your code to: 

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