SCRIP Program Information

Your Band Scrip program is one of the most exciting opportunities available to any Mona Shores Student Parent/Relative/Guardian. Essentially it’s FREE MONEY available to you! That’s correct local & national companies will pay you money to buy their products/services. Use a portion of this money to pay for any school related expenses. Sounds to good to be true?

Here’s How It Works…

Simply visit Mona Shores High School on Wednesday evenings (year round, less holidays) from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. 

There you will find a group of friendly, dedicated MSHS band parents who will sell you Scrip cards for the retail store(s) you patron.  Fill in one of the two Scrip forms available that evening at MS high school or see forms listed below (click on either one as a downloadable file). One order form lists popular stocked script cards and the other order form lists special order script cards. 


Please allow one week process time for special orders or LARGE purchases.


Your Student Account will accrue from 1% to 10+% for these purchases. A flat 2% is used to support the Mona Shores Band Parents Association, which in turn is used to benefit the band program. You will be surprised how many local business participate in this Scrip program; many business (stores, restaurants & more) you may currently be purchasing goods/services.


Scrip Student Account Money can be used to offset the cost on any school related expense: Athletics, the Arts, and more…even daycare. Feel free to contact us with your questions. 


Example: Say you spend $200 weekly at Meijer on groceries & gas. Maybe you also dine out at Texas Roadhouse every two weeks. If you pre-purchase $200 in Meijer Scrip cards weekly & two $25 Scrip cards every other week for Texas Roadhouse, the Scrip card offers a 3% Meijer credit & a 8% Texas Roadhouse credit. The Band Scrip program receives 2% off the top for any purchase and your Student Account receives the remaining 1% for Meijer ($2) weekly & 6% for Texas Roadhouse ($3).

These numbers may not seem impressive, but you may be surprised how quickly they add-up. Over the course of a year you would earn $182 (about half the cost of Band Camp)…simply by stopping by MSHS Wednesday evenings between 5:00-6:00. Family members and friends can also purchase Scrip Cards that can be credited towards your students account. Imagine how much you can earn by planning ahead!

“The more you scrip…the more you save!”

SCRIP Order Forms:

Click Here for In-Stock Form

Click Here for Special Order Form

SCRIP Online

1. Go to:

2. Click "Register," then "Join a Scrip Program."

3. Enter Enrollment Code: L9F5B2CB814

4. Register your information (include student's name).

5. Go to Dashboard. Click "Presto Pay" and enter required information.

6. Two small amounts will be deposited to your account (may take up to two days). Log back in and enter those amounts to confirm your Presto Pay.

7. An approval code will be given. Email your code to

8. A confirmation email will be sent to you from Great Lakes SCRIP.