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How Much Does Band Cost?

This is a great question and the answer all depends on your students instrument costs and level of involvement with the fundraising opportunities available to off-set those costs. Many of the band parents pay little or no fees because they participate in the fundraising venues. These are: 

  • SCRIP (year round-even in the summer)

  • Pop Can Drives

  • March-A-Thon (once in the fall)

  • Jazz-on-the-Lake (once in the spring)

and other fund raising events. We believe that a limited number of quality high performance fund raisers will provide ample opportunities for both students and parents to raise the band funds needed, this fact has been proven by many band parents. 


Contact us and begin to reduce or eliminate your students costs…these are typically easy and fun.

Typical Cost per Student:

  • Band Camp - $300 (adjusted annually)
    A limited number of camp scholarships & multiple student discounts will be available. Look for the June Band Camp News Letter in your mailbox for additional information.

  • Uniform Shoes - $35 (annually adjusted) – no annual purchase required if your student's shoe size remains the same.

  • Black Socks you purchase on your own.

  • Food and Drink Surcharge - $25 (adjusted annually). 
    This will vary widely from year to year, based on band expenses (food and other band student consumable expenses) & offset by revenue(s) generated from band fund raising events...the more participation = lower student expenses!

  • Lost , Stolen or Damaged Band Uniform Items are the responsibility of the band student to be replaced.

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