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Mona Shores Bands Presents

Spring Band Concert

Sunday, April 28th, 2024  |  2 PM

Mona Shores Performing Arts Center

Symphony Band
 Justin Sarns, conductor

American Big Top   |   Brian Balmages

Trinity Bruizeman, conductor

The Raptor Rides the Whale   |   Andrew David Perkins

Nikki Sanford, conductor

Our Cast Aways   |   Julie Giroux

The Cave You Fear   |   Michael Markowski

Wind Ensemble
 Jason Boyden, conductor

Gavorkna Fanfare   |   Jack Stamp

All My Heart   |   Michael Markowski

Michigan Premiere  

Justin Sarns, conductor

The Florentiner   |   Julius Fucik

Trinity Bruizeman, conductor

October   |   Eric Whitacre

Slava!   |   Leonard Bernstein

A huge thank you to:

High School Administration

Jennifer Bustard, Todd Conrad, Eve Mills & Jack Nummerdor

Middle School Administration

Doug Ammeraal, Emily Basse & Willie Burrel


Bill O’Brien

Mona Shores Band Parent Association

Pete Thompson, President

Auditorium Manager

Micheal Reinhardt

Mona Shores Music Department Staff

Shawn Lawton, Kelly DeRose, Nick Mosley, Rory Closz, Lucas Farber & Cathy Sander 

Private Lesson & Sectional Instructors

Anna DeCou, Kate Bourdon, Betsy Butterfield, Jane Holt, Lucas Farber, Tim Froncek, Robert Robuck, Dr. James Sawyer & Tim Wright

Student Teacher

Trinity Bruizeman

Tri-M Student Helpers!

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